Sutta Class Begins

Holding a regular sutta class/discussion is something I have always had in mind to host eventually for those interested in going a little deeper into the teachings.
So now the request and interest has been brought up, so we will try it on a Tuesday after sitting group and see how it goes.  [If this does not work out to be the right time to hold it, we can try some other time.]
It has been suggested that we take a thematic approach and that suits me fine. So we will start by working our way through the Noble 8 Fold path at whatever pace and speed happens.
Naturally we will begin with Right View : Samma Ditthi
Here are a few core suttas on the topic that we will be looking at:
MN 117 The Great Fourty
MN 9     Right View
SN12.15  Kaccanagotta
The last one also touches in on non-duality
We will spend an hour or so and get as far as we get and continue on the following Tuesday until we are happy we have covered as much as we would like to on the topic of Right View.
Then we will look at Right Intention : Samma Sankappo

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