Useful Things

I am sometimes asked about what sort of things would be useful at the monastic residence (vihara). So I thought to provide a list of useful things here so that if you wish to bring something it will be used.
I refrain from artificial sweetener that is often present in “low sugar” type products. Completely unsweetened is ok.

Last update 5th June  2018  – at the moment we have enough fruit thanking you all very much

Fresh milk (from the fridge, – not packet milk from the shelf)
raw sugar (light brown colour)
Potato chips
rice noodles
mi goreng instant noodles
Pei Pa Koa  – Chinese cough medicine

Aquasol garden fertiliser

1m and 5m electrical extension cords

A large 5″to 7″ bell bowl [also called a singing bowl] for ending meditation would be useful.

we have enough of the following things:
Please do not bring any:
Bath towels
Sanitary pads
Kitchen paper towels
instant coffee
paper plates
disposable cups