Samaneri Pasanna’s Pabbaja 3rd March 2019

Congratulations to Samaneri Pasanna from all of us in SA

a big thank you to Matt Gibson for the photos.

Last Friday, Bec and I flew over to Perth to show our support for and participate in the novice ordination of our dear friend in Dhamma, Pasanna.

I stayed at Dhammasara in the “pod” while Bec spent the first 3 nights at Lillypilli cottage up the road.

Many of Pasanna’s friends came from near and far to show their support. The atmosphere was charged with gladness and a sort of unspoken continuous ovation running through the day : Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu uplifting hearts and minds

The ceremony began a little after 1pm on Sunday with the Nuns chanting “Namo Tassa”.
Then Preceptor, Ayya Hasapanna, invited Anagarika to enter.

After paying respects to the Sangha, Pasanna then paid respects to her father, Padraic, who presented her with her bowl and robes.

Anagarika Pasanna then requests novice ordination, known as “going forth” or Pabbajja.

Taking her new robes, Pasanna went and put them on, returning to us beaming with joy.

And finally, reciting the ancient Pali formula of the pabbajja ordination; taking dependence on Venerable Bhikkhuni Hasapanna as her Pavatini (preceptor) and Acarini (teacher) who then gave her the 10 precepts.

We all joined together to bless our new sister now adopted into the Sakyan clan.
Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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