Kathina 2019

Dakkhina Dhammatthala  Nun’s Vihara  Kathina Festival 2019

Sunday November 10th  9.30 am – 1.30pm

79 Davis Avenue, Christies Beach

You are invited  to join us for our annual Kathina Festival.

We are blessed to have a resident Buddhist monastic who is able to share the teachings of the Buddha with us in English.  Naturally, we who have received the gift of those teachings wish to support her on-going presence amongst us.

Kathina is the festival where we, the lay community, show our appreciation for our monastics by donating gifts and financial support to ensure the proper maintenance and up-keep of the vihara residence for the coming year.

Together we will enjoy the company of Ayya Santacari Bhikkhuni and our invited Senior Sangha, Venerable Sumedha Thero and his companion Bhikkhu.

We will also have a Tree of Abundance (Kapruka) for the placing of envelopes of donations. These donations will be used for maintaining and developing the vihara facilities over the coming year. You can find gift suggestions here: http://dhammatthala.org/2019-kathina-wish-list/

Please bring a plate of food to share. Call Thusitha for which foods to bring 0415 080 168

9:30 – Parade

10:30 – Chanting : taking refuge and precepts. Puja offering.

11:00 – Dana : Lunch offering to the Monks and Nuns

11:15 – Lunch for Community

12:00 – Dhamma Talk

1:00 – Chanting of Blessings

Offering of Gifts

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