Ajahn Dr Vimokkha Metino visits in March 2019

Ajahn Metino will be visiting us from 15 March to 22 March 2019.

I had first noticed him from the newsletters of the BSV -> Buddhist Society of Victoria and watched his Dhamma talks on their BSV YouTube channel

Please Join us for the opportunity to hear the Dhamma shared with us in English by the Venerable Thai monk Ajahn Vimokkha Mendhino, the abbot of the Thai Forest Monastery Pipphalivanaram.


Saturday March 16th BSSA & DD ; 79 Davis ave Christies Beach

4pm – 5.30pm Guided meditation and Dhamma Talk
5.30pm – 6pm Q&A opportunity

Sunday March 17th ASBV ; 8 James st Crafers

 8.30 am – 6.30 pm Daylong meditation retreat
6.30pm – 7.30pm Usual Puja program

Wednesday March 20th BSSA & DD ; 79 Davis ave Christies Beach

7pm – 8.30pm Guided meditation and Dhamma Talk
8.30pm – 9pm Q&A opportunity

Thursday March 21st Phap Hoa ; 20 Butler st Pennington

7pm – 8.30pm Guided meditation and Dhamma Talk
8.30pm – 9pm Q&A opportunity

Please Contact Ayya Santacari Bhikkhuni for more details on 0401 080 953 or ven.santacari@gmail.com
Book online at Buddhistsocietysa.org

This is what aware insight has to say about Ajahn:
“Medhino Bhikkhu, Ph.D., more widely known as the Venerable Vimokkha, is the abbot of Wat Pipphalivanaram, a Thai forest monastery founded by the Great Master Kassapamuni in Rayong Province, Thailand. Venerable Vimokkha excels at teaching mindfulness and vipassana insight meditation with techniques blending lessons from Thailand’s great masters with his own self-discoveries. Ven. Vimokkha’s teachings are best described as accessible and pragmatic. They are aimed at an immediate direct experience of the nature of mind. His palpable power, charisma, and cheerful encouragement make him a truly unique master well-suited for these times.”

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