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Ayya Santacari with Ajahn Brahm

Ayya Santacari with Ajahn Brahm

Ayya Santacārī Bhikkhunī, a Buddhist nun in the Theravadan tradition has come to live in Christies Beach, south of Adelaide in South Australia.

Ayya Santacārī hosts meditation, Dhamma talks and Dhamma discussions in the lovely peaceful shrine room and garden space throughout the week.  For those who have already learned to meditate, sitting practice times are also offered. You can see the schedule here.

See the pictures of Samaneri Pasanna’s ordination here.

Ajahn Metino Teaching Dhamma in English in Adelaide : March 16th to 21st 2019

Ajahn Metino will be visiting us in March this year. Please Join us for the opportunity to hear the Dhamma shared with us in English by the Venerable Thai monk Ajahn Dr Vimokkha Mendhino, the abbot of the Thai Forest Monastery Pipphalivanaram.

Call Ayya on 0401 080 953  if you would like to offer Dana to Ajahn.

“Ven. Vimokkha’s teachings are aimed at an immediate direct experience of the nature of mind. His palpable power, charisma, and cheerful encouragement make him a truly unique master well-suited for these times.”  www.awareinsight.com
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More information at Buddhistsocietysa.org.au