15800229_1794466037486718_3144087819213968773_oHear about our Auspicious New Years celebration- Anagarikā ceremony for our new nun Pasanna here.

Ayya Santacari with Ajahn Brahm

Ayya Santacari with Ajahn Brahm at Bodhinyana

Ayya Santacārī Bhikkhunī, a Buddhist nun in the Theravadan tradition has come to live in Christies Beach, south of Adelaide in South Australia. Ayya Santacārī gives meditation classes, Dhamma talks and Dhamma discussions in the lovely peaceful shrine room and garden space throughout the week.  For those who have already learned to meditate, group sitting practice times are also offered.  On Tuesdays, meditation classes are given at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. You can see the schedule here.

From November 2016 through to March 2017, Ayya will be giving monthly Meditation and Dhamma in evenings at Crafers and in the city at the RAH chapel.safe-space-sticker-sm