Ayya Santacari and Anagarika Pasanna walking on Christies Beach

The Dakkhina Dhammatthala Vihara at Christies Beach is now a Vihara of the Buddhist Society of South Australia [BSSA]. We have two nuns living here since New Years Eve.

During Vassa, Ayya will not be conducting classes, however,  you are welcome to drop in quietly and meditate in the shrine room.

In September we have Patrick Kearney joining us in Adelaide as guest teacher at our 7 day meditation retreat in Buckland Park just north of Adelaide. You can learn more about the retreat and book here

Since July 10 Sayalay Daw Upekkha Vi Hari has joined us from Myanmar as our guest. She will be here until the end of September and is happy to share her experience of meditating for 20 years at Pa Auk centre.

We will have two extra nuns visiting from 10 to 14 August. If you have a spare blanket or quilt we could borrow for these few days that would be very helpful.

The 4th Friday’s at Crafers are Cancelled during Vassa (July, Aug, Sept) and will recommence in October.

some lovely chanting. do you know who it is?

Ayya Medhāvīni Vandana