Welcome to Dhammatthala Nuns’ Vihara


Ayya Santacari with Ajahn Brahm

Ayya Santacari with Ajahn Brahm

Ayya Santacārī Bhikkhunī, a Buddhist nun in the Theravadan tradition has come to live in Christies Beach, south of Adelaide in South Australia. We regularly invite other nuns to visit and stay with us.

Ayya Santacārī hosts meditation, Dhamma talks and Dhamma discussions in the lovely peaceful shrine room and garden space throughout the week.  For those who have already learned to meditate, sitting practice times are also offered. You can see the schedule here.

Ayya Santacārī is supported by the Buddhist Society of South Australia  and the Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara. Together with their help and the help of many other groups and individuals, including her mother, Joanna, a Nun’s vihara has been developed in the garden at the rear of Joanna’s house. Our long term goals are to build a community of nuns, a community of lay people and a forest monastery for the nuns.

 Kathina – 18th Nov 2018

We will hold our Kathina Festival for the nuns on Sunday 18th November. Last year our festival was sponsored by Udayanga and Ganga. This year it is being sponsored by Gayathri (Gaya) Goonaratne.

For more information click here or contact Gaya on 0469 868  568 or email her at adelaidekatina2018@outlook.com