2019 Kathina wish list

2019 Kathina is being sponsored this year by Thusita and Kalum, along with support from the Buddhist Society of SA

We are providing a list of things that the Venerable Nun will need in the upcoming year.

If you would like to sponsor, or part sponsor one of these items, you can bring an envelope on the day, make a bank transfer or contact Thusita on 0415 080 168.

Venerable Santacari has a duty to visit her teachers, and so perhaps you may wish to sponsor flights and other travel expenses.

1 trip to Perth to visit Ajahn Brahm and The Dhammasara Bhikhunis

1 trip to NSW to visit Acariya Bhikkhuni Nirodha at Santi Forest monastery.

Extension cords – offered CSIRO

High quality work gloves and garden gloves in medium and large sizes – offered CSIRO

High quality safety glasses – offered CSIRO

enclosed shoes – offered Thusita


a plumber to connect outside sink to the mains water.  – offered Vickie

contributions towards shade at the end of the new blinds