Vesak Buddha Day Celebration 13 May

Vesak Buddha Day Celebration : 11am–5pm, Saturday May 13th 2017

You are invited to our Vesak Festival!  Vesak is the most significant day in the Buddhist calendar, remembering the birth, awakening & passing away of the Buddha and is celebrated on or near the full moon in May every year.
Vesak Birth, Awakening and passing away of the Buddha

We will be incorporating activities from a variety of traditions to make our own multicultural event with an Australian flavour. It will be a day with fun for all ages and people from many nationalities attending. The festivities will be conducted in English and hosted by Adelaide’s first Theravadan Bhikkhuni, Ayya Santacārī.

There will be plenty of activities including a dance performance from the Sri Lanka Dance Academy, poetry participation tag team, face painting, lantern making and a parade. We welcome everyone to be our guests.

If you’ve never attend a Vesak celebration before, this is your chance.

Bring a plate of food to share. The food is first offered to the monks and nuns to bring blessings on you for your generosity. The food is then shared by everyone. After lunch some of the Buddha’s teachings will be shared in a “Dhamma Talk” followed by a short guided meditation.

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