Residential Meditation Retreat with Ven Dhammajiva Maha Thero

A Residential Meditation Retreat will be conducted by Ven. Uda Eriyagama Dhammajiva Maha Thero. (Chief meditation teacher at Nissarana Vanaya, Meethirigala, Sri Lanka). Our good friends at the Adelaide Sri Lankan Temple at Crafers have invited this highly esteemed master to teach meditation and mindfulness.

The Venerable Teacher Uda Eriyagama Dhammajiva Maha Thero is well known as a Dhamma scholar with an extensive knowledge of Tripitaka Dhamma and as an eminent member of the Maha sangha community. He is a pupil of the renowned meditation master, most venerable Mathara Gnanarama Maha Thero.

The retreat will be held at:
Woodhouse Activity Centre,
37 Spring Gully Road, Piccadilly, SA 5151

From : Monday 8th January 2018 (7 PM) to Monday 15th January 2018 (4pm)

Cost for the program: $350.00 (Please note this is an approximate figure, depending on the number of participants and donations this may change)

Please contact the following members to express your interest for participation and confirmation.
Ven. Sumedha Swaminwahanse ‐ 8339 3649
Chandana Helapitiya  – 0422 232 667 ( )
Chandra Herath – 0439 936 800 (
Thaminda Wickramaarachchi – 0413 089 625 ( )

Residential Meditation Retreat January 2018 letter


Format and etiquette during retreat:

  • Retreat will be held according to the Theravada Buddhist tradition.
  • Noble silence will be observed. Conversation between participants should occur only if absolutely necessary. Participants are advised to abstain from any conversation as a consideration towards other participants.
  • Eight Precepts will be observed during the meditation program.
  • No mobile phones or electronic devices will be allowed during the program for maximum benefit for everyone involved.

Arrival and the program:
Arrival: Monday 8th January 2018 between 6pm and 7pm. Room allocations along with a detailed timetable of the program will be made available on registration.
Car owners could park their cars at the car park.
Program commences at 8.30pm (8/01/2018) in the Meditation Hall. (Please refer the attached layout plan)
Daily events and the times will be discussed with the teacher and will be displayed.

Completing the Form & Further Information:
It is a requirement by law to provide Woodhouse Activity Centre management with a list of names and addresses of all participants, which will be treated confidentially. So, please pay careful attention to all details when filling the application form.

Family Contact: For emergencies during the retreat your family could phone you or send a text message to a mobile phone number which will be advised to you later.

Meals: All meals breakfast & lunch would be vegetarian. Tea, coffee, milk and fruit juice will be available at all times. If someone needs dinner or special milk due to medical reasons please make sure to organise it by yourself. Roster will be provided for yogi’s to help quietly to organize lunch/dana and cleaning etc.

Usually for breakfast, bread, cereal and fruits will be available. You can make your toast bread/tea/ coffee by yourself quietly and clean the plates without making any noise.
Noble silence will be observed at all times.

Facilities at the venue:
Recreation hall, Conference rooms, Kitchen and Dining area.
80 Bunk beds in 14 dorm rooms, with ensuite toilets. Each room has 6 bunk beds accommodating 6 people.
Please visit the following web site for more information

Organising committee:
Please contact the following members to express your interest for participation and confirmation.
Ven. Sumedha Swaminwahanse ‐ 8339 3649
Chandana Helapitiya  – 0422 232 667 ( )
Chandra Herath – 0439 936 800 (
Thaminda Wickramaarachchi – 0413 089 625 ( )

Providing dana for participants:
Please note that there is a noble opportunity for you to offer dana to the participants and Swaminwahanse. Breakfast and lunch (vegetarian) are available.
Available dates 9th Jan to 13th Jan 2018

Please contact
Niluka Hattotuwa – 0423 965 838 ( or
Amali Weerasinghe – 0401 165 944 (  to offer dana.

Your generous donations for the Swaminwahanse’s air fare and other costs are most welcome. This will also help to reduce individual cost and many will be able to participate and you will gain immense merit by dharma dana. Please contact the Vihara committee/Organising committee members to make your contributions.

One or two volunteers are sought for each participating days from 9th January 2018 to 15th January 2018. Time frame for each day ranges between 6.00am to at least 3.30pm. This will be highly meritorious. Duties will be serving, supervising the breakfast, lunch, tea and other needs of attendees and Swaminwahanse. Please express your interest to organising committee members.

A detailed program describing preparation and instructions on what to bring and what not to bring will be given in due course to the individuals who confirm their participation.

Please contact organising committee members should you need further clarifications.

Theruwan saranai,

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