Vesak Buddhist Christmas Celebration

You are invited to participate in Vesak celebration from 10am on May 28th.Wesak_facebook

Love to see you here at

79 Davis Ave

Christies Beach

South Australia






We already planned to have a celebration here on May 28th. Then I realised – OH! its Vesak! Also called Weesak and Veshaka.  It is the Buddhist equivalent of Christmas, when we celebrate the Birth, Awakening and Parinibbana of the Lord Buddha.

So the already planned celebration on May 28th becomes our Vesak day celebration.  So we will go ahead with that gathering, with blessing chants and a shared meal. Followed by Dhamma discussion and a guided meditation.

I hadn’t originally planned for an evening “lights” event with candles and lanterns and chanting by these lights. However, if people would like to do that in the evening at around 7pm, we have plenty of candles. It would be lovely. we can light candles in jars and circumnambulate the garden chanting loving kindness.



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