Meditation is mental hygiene

One of my teachers described meditation as mental hygiene; the cleansing and cleaning of the heart-mind. and like physical hygiene, most beneficial if done frequently and regularly.
It is not the habit of our culture to engage in regular mental hygiene, and yet once upon a time our culture did not embrace physical hygiene so well either.

In the 16th Century, Queen Elizabeth the 1st was considered eccentric because she had a bath once per year – whether she needed it or not!  Most Europeans at that time never bathed.  Ever.
Literature and novels written in the 19th and early 20th C  [such as little house on the prairie ] describe the weekly bath that was the habit at that time.  Most people it seems bathed once per week.
Nowadays most people bathe daily.
For mental hygiene, some people in our culture are still in the equivalent of the 16th C – never bathing the heart/mind with meditation [or prayer] at all.
Some of us have moved forward to the equivalent of the early 20th  C; meditating or praying once a week – a great step forward for modern mental hygiene!
A few engage in daily heart/mind hygiene.
So I do like to encourage you all to come for your weekly bath 😉
Bathing the heart and mind in the cleansing of kindness and insight meditation.
There are of course other ways to bathe the heart and mind; with uplifting thoughts such as prayer and affirmations and uplifting emotions such as kindness. gratitude and generosity.anumodana-sm
So for those of you not able to come – perhaps you will find some benefit in this [mildly amusing] reflection for the week and I hope you can find time to engage in some other mental bathing options.
wishing you every good blessing.
Ayya Santacari

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