Kathina 2018

Sunday November 18th at 9.00am.


We will begin the day with little Katina Parade with a decorated Umbrella over the cloth offering, which also represents all of the gifts given to the Sangha on this day. After the parade we will have some chanting followed by a Dhamma Talk and friendly discussion. Lunch Dana will be offered to the Monks and Nuns followed by a community shared meal. Please bring a plate to Share.

What is Katina?
The traditional three-month rains-retreat seclusion of Buddhist Saṅgha is followed by Kaṭhina robe and alms offering festival. The katina tradition began when Visakha Migaramātā saw the monks in tattered and worn robes. She asked permission of the Buddha to offer new robes to the monks, and the Buddha granted her request.

Clearly then, the offerings should be things that the monastic community truly needs.
Click here for gift suggestions.

Contact Gaya for more information: 0469 868 568 or adelaidekatina2018@outlook.com

9.00 am Arrive and settle dana[food] and pirikara[gifts]
9.15 am assemble for the parade in the park
9.30 – 9.45 am parade
10 – 10.30 am chanting, precepts & refuges, puja
10.30 – 11.15 Dhamma talk
11.30 monastic Dana
12 community meal
12.30 pirikara gift giving
12.45 Anumodana [chanting of appreciation]
1 pm clean up

The Buddha said: “The donor,
before giving,  is glad;
while giving, is inspired;
and after giving, is gratified.
These are the three factors of the donor…”
AN 6.37

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