28th May Celebrating and Blessing this Space

I really enjoyed the blessing ceremony that we had in January this year. We had blessing chanting and Dana food offering to the monastics with a community meal following that. Several people who had wanted to come were not able to make it on that day, so I thought, lets have another one! More blessings are good. I believe we can’t have too many, so why not have some more.

Since January, quite a number of people have come to meditation class or joined in the sitting groups. I have particularly enjoyed the spontaneous Dhamma discussions. I feel that this gives us many good reasons to celebrate having this space available to us for Meditation classes, Meditation practice and Dhamma talks. 1

We have again invited the senior monks from Althelstone for a Dana meal offering and there will be blessings chanting before the meal and a Dhamma Talk with Q&A after the community meal.

I’d like to invite you to participate in our celebration blessings and dana food offering followed by a community meal and hen a Dhamma talk.

Saturday 28th May
10.30 am – 1.30pm 


One thought on “28th May Celebrating and Blessing this Space

  1. Dear Venerable Ayya Santacārī and people who support the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha,

    Venerable Ayya Santaārī, Thank you very much for providing opportunities for practising Dhamma to people in Adelaide. I would also like to congratulate people for making the Buddha’s teaching alive. I hope the seed you sowed grows into a beautiful tree with a lot of fruit.
    Sādhu, sādhu, sādhu.
    Anjali, Kaz

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